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Morroco: ALM Ecology Trophy awarded to the Saqayti standpipe

Veolia Water was recently recognized for its social engagement in Morocco in favor of responsible and sustainable water management in general and of fair consumption in particular.
The "Saqayti" automatic prepaid standpipe system developed and installed by Veolia Environnement Morocco was awarded the ALM Ecology Trophy in the Eco-Product category.

A trophy to reward innovative and exemplary actions in favor of environmental protection

The trophy contest initiated by the Moroccan daily "Aujourd'hui le Maroc (ALM)" is intended to reward innovative and exemplary actions in favor of environmental protection implemented in the country.

The jury panel awarded the winning trophy to the "Saqayti" system of public standpipes using a prepaid electronic chip card, with access restricted to families living in the equipped neighborhood. Eligible families are previously identified by municipal services among the population who has no access to individual water mains connections. The chip card is credited each month with a volume of water supply prepaid by the municipalities.

In Morocco, some neighborhoods cannot be individually supplied with drinking water for financial or structural reasons, and receive their water through standpipes delivering an unlimited water supply. Although this is an essential welfare service, the old system presents a number of drawbacks:

  • since there are no access restrictions, a number of entrepreneurs or private customers enjoying mains connection use these standpipes for their water supply, to the detriment of the populations' basic needs,
  • water from these standpipes is free and unlimited, generating excess consumption and wastage,
  • since water consumption is difficult to control, the amounts billed to municipalities are often high and hard to budget.

A new standpipe using solar energy

An essential welfare service

The innovative standpipe system installed by Veolia Environnement Morocco back in 2006 at Temara and later extended to Rabat-Salé and Tangiers-Tetouan, is designed precisely to rectify such malfunctions.

The Saqayti system, meaning "my fountain" in Arabic, reduces water wastage while preserving access to the standpipes for the most disadvantaged families (e.g. in Salé, 40 liters per inhabitant and per day, while the World Health Organization defines a basic need of 20 liters per day).

The prepaid system has largely demonstrated its cost-and water-saving efficiency, leading to a reduction of 50% to 75% in the municipal water budgets.

In view of the performance achieved with the first Saqayti standpipe tested in Tangiers, the municipal authorities have decided to install 45 additional standpipes in the city.

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